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Stop Soldier Suicide

Figuring out where to turn can be a major barrier for service members and veterans in need of assistance.

With more than 45,000 veteran service organizations recognized by the IRS, getting help can be difficult, confusing, and time-consuming. We’re here to change that.

Stop Soldier Suicide works 1-on-1 with troops, veterans, and military family members to help navigate the maze of services, programs, and assistance available.

The team works to identify each individual’s specific needs, find the right resources to meet those needs, and provide continued support and personalized case management for 24 months.


Resources include:

  • Mental health, PTSD, and/or TBI referrals
  • Emergency financial aid
  • Housing assistance
  • Alternative therapies (HBOT, art therapy, equine therapy, etc.)
  • Retreats for military, veterans, and their families
  • Education / GI Bill

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